Towing Service

Towing Service That You Can Trust

When you have an abandoned vehicle that you need to be towed away, our pros are here to help. Improperly parked vehicles can be towed at your discretion. Once you give us a call at Memphis Wrecker, you can be certain that we will put you on the schedule immediately. Our customers take first priority with our tow truck squad. We provide many kinds of towing services, including car towing, motorcycle towing, and equipment towing. Please review the following information to discover more.

Car Towing At Your Discretion

If you have a vehicle parked in a designated area, it’s important for that vehicle to be moved as swiftly as possible. Our team at Memphis Wrecker is primed to support all of your car towing needs. Whether you need a car or a truck hauled away, you can trust that our towing team will be first on the scene.

Convenient Motorcycle Towing

When you have a motorcycle parked in a public or private parking lot that needs to be moved, our tow truck team is ready to commit to the task. We’ll not only ensure that the motorcycle is moved safely to its next destination, but we’ll also do it with the professionalism you’ve come to expect.

Reliable Equipment Towing

Now is the best time to contact us if you need reliable equipment towing. Our team uses specific equipment for special tows. We understand how important it is for you to get from point A to point B. After you give us a call for your equipment tow, we will give you an estimated time of arrival as soon as we can. Your time matters which is why we will be upfront with you about such matters.

When you need towing service in Memphis, TN., you need Memphis Wrecker. Our road service is available for you today.

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